5 Restaurants to try in Bhubaneswar when you plan your next meal out…

With an increasing crowd of overwhelming foodies in the city, Bhubaneswar has always come up with brilliant  ideas to serve the demands of its hardcore food lovers. We can find a host of eating joints and restaurants spread across the city each having a varity of ideas to serve the best food to their  customers. It is very difficult to choose a place to eat when all the restaurants always have something better and different to provide. To make this choice easier we have prepared a list of some restaurants you can try in Bhubaneswar, for your next meal out.




 ADDA Unplugged- Patia,Bhubaneswar

      Situated at the KIIT Square, this roof top restaurant is quite popular among the youngsters. With its beautiful decors and quirky ideas the place itself mesmerizes you more than anything else. This place serves some of the best class food with all the dishes having their unique taste. A perfect place to chill out with your friends and just be there.

9th Street Multicuisine Restaurant- Unit-4, Bhubaneswar

    Known for its breathtaking interiors and soothing ambience this place bostas of serving some of the best kebabs in town. A nice cozy place to hangout, the restaurant also has a separate café, by the name ‘Hideaway’.  This place is a perfect combination of a restaurant, café and hookah lounge.

Lal Qila-Fine Mughlai Cuisine – Patia,Bhubaneswar

     If magnificence and majesty is your type, then the royal touch of this place is surely going to appeal to you. The Mughlai cuisine is known for its richness and Lal Qila offers you the same with its dishes ranging from Tangy Shorbas, Raans and Biryani to mouth watering Firni and Shahi Tukdas for people with a sweet tooth. The Roomali Wraps, Chaanp and Kebabs of different variety are a must- try.

 Biryani Box- Shaheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar

This place is a paradise for all the biryani lovers out there. Apart from the authentic Hyderabadi Biryani  it also serves  other chicken delicacies like the monstrous full chicken tikka, chicken hariyali rolls, chicken parantha and chicken keema. If you are a hardcore biryani lover then this place should be at the top of your list.

Shohala Ana Odia Multi cuisine restaurant- Patia, Bhubaneswar

    As the name itself suggests, this restaurant is famous for serving authentic Odia cuisine with a touch of Bengali flavours. The imaginative interiors are packed with numerous Odia artifacts. The tradition and culture of Odisha are reflected on the walls in the form of paintings, deities, people, local musical instruments and the likes. The menu,  includes a variety of local and Bengali dishes; you could try the Kankada Jholo (Crab Curry), Aloo Posto (potatoes in a mustard and poppy seed gravy), Ilish (a specific variety of fish served in Bengal) or Parse (Exclusive Fish Curry), Dab Chingiri (Delicious Prawns served with tender coconut).


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