About us

Lets get this straight – All of us love to eat. Eating good food is the ultimate pleasure in  life. And being Indians we just love to spend time with our family and friends, dining out, relishing the aroma of  mouthwatering delicacies. When we plan to go out for a meal, we face to problems – “where to eat ?” & “How to get the best deal ?”

At Zaafoo we make sure that you enjoy your meal to the fullest without facing any trouble. We bring you a unique and easy way to find restaurants, book tables and get discounts throughout the year in all the major restaurants across Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. We aim at introducing a new consumer technology in the food and beverage industry and to lead the industry in all its aspects- brand, product, technology and business.

What do we offer ?

  • Multiple filters to find you the best– you can choose restaurants according to your taste and mood using our filters
  • Help you to find places nearby– you can find the best restaurants in accordance to your location preferences
  • Provide access to the restaurant menus– you can browse through the menus of as many restaurants as you want  before booking your table
  • Bring you the best deals– you are eligible to get discounts throughout the year when you book your table through Zaafoo

All of this within the reach of your finger tips. And what’s more ? you can pre-order your food! So no more waiting, just search,book,order and you are good to go.

Our mission is to be the most trusted brand in the food tech industry by providing our customers total convenience, complete control and the freedom of choice. We know ‘There is no love sincerer than the love for food’. Our customers are our priority and their satisfaction is what we seek